5 Ways to Spice Up Your Seasoning Game

5 Ways to Spice Up Your Seasoning Game

At Rare Gourmet Meats we like to keep it simple, and let the meat do the talking. Of course buying quality meats is a must, but also having those meats maintained, processed, stored, aged, and cut by a professional meat purveyor such as Rocker Bros, is the obvious answer.

Everyone and their mother have their unique steak seasoning process, handed down to them by a relative or friend. Our response to that: trust us, we know meat. Here are five different Rare-approved methods to season your steak, ensuring perfection every time.

1. The Classic
We believe our Aspen Ridge Tenderloin Chateau is the epitome of steak luxury. This steak has unparalleled tenderness, and will delight everyone who eats it. Chateaus are fully trimmed, free of fat coverage and considered a true delicacy by discerning meat lovers. Just kosher salt and black pepper will ultimately bring out the maximum depth of flavor. This seasoning combination comes in very handy for those who want as little fuss as possible.

2. The Heat
This time around we are turning up the temperature a little. If you are feeling spicy and want to kick it up a notch, we have the answer. Combine ground cumin, paprika, ground ancho chile pepper, garlic powder, and kosher salt. We suggest spreading this seasoning on our Aspen Ridge Natural Prime Dry-Aged Boneless Ribeye Steak. These boneless ribeyes are richly marbled and proudly served by some of America’s most famous chefs.

3. The Herbaceous
Do you enjoy experimenting with your ingredients while using a medley of unexpected flavors? Look no further than the Herbaceous seasoning mixture. Rosemary leaves, thyme, oregano, kosher salt, and ground pepper imparts a mouth-watering blend for your Strauss Grass-Fed Boneless New York Steak. This steak is natural and nutritious, and has a surprising amount of intramuscular marble while delivering the rich New York steak flavor that you expect.

4. The Chimichurri
If the last three seasoning mixtures sound pretty damn good, we know a recipe that combines components of the Classic, Cowboy, and Herbaceous. The daredevil Chimichurri is a blend of parsley leaves, garlic cloves, raw sugar, crushed red pepper, oregano, and kosher salt. We recommend rubbing this seasoning on our best selling Aspen Ridge Natural, Dry-Aged, Prime Bone-in Ribeye Steak. These prime steaks are richly marbled and sourced from ranches whose steaks are found in the kitchens of exceptional restaurants throughout the country.

5. The Birthday Suit
Dare we say that our meat is so effing good that it does not need any seasoning at all whatsoever? Yes, we went there. Our Aspen Ridge Natural Flat Iron, similar to all of our premium steaks, is incredibly flavorful on its own with nothing added. Wet aged in its own juices, this meat delivers a complex level of flavor with no seasoning needed. Slap it on your greased grill as is, and you will be good to go.