About Us

About Us

Debbie Rocker

2Debbie Rocker hails from a long line of meat men and women. Her family has been in the wholesale meat business, serving well-known chefs in LA’s finest restaurants for over 50 years.

Debbie’s passion for fine meats and love for animals has guided her career, and especially her efforts to find ranchers who have the ability to provide her with exceptional meats from animals raised naturally and with a high quality-of-life experience. “There is no question in my mind, and my chefs agree that humanely and naturally raised meats always taste the best.”

After years of advocating for and supporting smaller, more natural cattle ranches, Debbie, through her family’s wholesale meat business, Rocker Bros Meat and Provisions, has cultivated a group of meat providers from which they buy, the highest quality meats available.

For years Debbie’s friends have commented on, and questioned Debbie about the noticeable difference between the taste of the meats she sells to her professional chefs and those they can buy at retail.

According to Debbie, it is two-tiered answer; buying quality meats is a must but also having those meats maintained and processed (stored, aged and cut) by a professional meat purveyor such as Rocker Bros, is the answer.

Rare Gourmet Meats was born out of a desire to provide discerning meat eaters at home with the same quality meats they crave and seek out at their favorite restaurants.

Shelly Youree

1Shelly Youree was raised in Oklahoma, in family of farmers, ranchers and lawyers. She spent summers under the tutelage of her granddad riding horses, hauling hay and rounding up cattle.

Her love of food, and obsession with finding the finest ingredients to cook with, especially meats, began very early on and she has traveled the world in an effort to satisfy her inquisitive culinary appetite.

Influenced most of all by her father, Shelly decided to follow in his footsteps and become a lawyer. She has developed a diverse and extremely successful career, Her practice is focused on tax-driven business matters, including M&A, private equity, executive compensation, estate planning and family office matters, and she is licensed to practice law in five jurisdictions – California, New York, District of Columbia, Texas and Oklahoma.

Debbie and Shelly combined their professional resources, common love of eating really good food, and like-minded devotion to finding honorable and compassionate meat providers who practice the highest standards of animal care, to build Rare Gourmet Meats.








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