Holiday Meat Gift Guide 2017

Holiday Meat Gift Guide 2017

From searching high and low for the perfect gift for family and friends to agonizing over the perfect statement for your corporate gifting, holiday shopping can be a nightmare. It’s tough, you want to make sure your gift is special and memorable – something that they’ll actually use and appreciate.

That’s where we come in. Rare Gourmet Meats offers a delicious solution to the age-old question, “What do I give this year?” Picture this, instead of unwrapping yet another pair of socks, your gift recipients will be unboxing top-of-the-line, prime and dry-aged, restaurant quality meats. We’re excited to share our Holiday Meat Gift Guide, chock full of meaty morsels that your loved ones will be able to savor, experience, and share.

(We make it easy! Order from the Rare Gourmet Meats online shop and your selection will be delivered right to your recipient’s door in time for the holidays.)

For the Ultimate Foodies

Here’s what to send to the friend that writes hundreds of Yelp reviews, owns their own sous vide machine, and is always on the hunt for an extraordinary eating experience. These meat picks are for the chefs (or chef-wannabes) in your life; the meat lover and the food connoisseur.

Prime Porterhouse

Prime Porterhouse

For the truly uncompromising recipient on your wish list: a healthy portion of New York strip steak (on the bone) and a filet mignon (on the bone) will make any meat lover swoon. The well-known Italian dish bistecca alla Fiorentina, aka Porterhouse for two, is meant to be shared, but the hedonist on your list may want to keep it all for themselves.

Bone-In New York Steak For Two

This is not your grandma’s New York steak. This is a dry-aged, bone-in prime New York Strip Steak, aka Delmonico, Kansas City or Shell steak – depending on what part of the country you are eating it in. Send it to your favorite couple (maybe even your parents), or a couple of friends who deserve to share something truly delectable.


For the Hosts With the Most

Have that friend who seems to have seasonal cloth napkins for every holiday ever? Help them make their next gathering extra special by bringing the flavors and meat expertise of Rare Gourmet Meats to their dinner table. These are our must-have wins for those who love to entertain!

Dry Aged Ribeye Prime Bone-In, 34 oz or more

Dry-Aged Ribeye

Turn any meal into an interactive culinary event. Set out a few thick cut, richly marbled, prime bone-in rib eye steaks and let your guests reach over, dig in, and melt with joy as they experience eating the ‘the king of cuts’.

Wagyu Beef Burgers

Wagyu Grind

There’s always a self-proclaimed grill master in the group, someone who loves cooking on the BBQ grill whether the weather brings rain, sleet, or sunshine. That’s cool. Why not make their grilling dreams come true with Rare’s Darling Downs, championship winning, Wagyu Beef Burgers.

For the Tricky Wishlisters

Some folks are just hard to shop for: your business associates, your in–laws, your after-work volleyball team coach. You want to make sure your gift sends the right message: high-quality and thoughtful but not overly personal. Not to worry, send them one of our top meat picks and any trace of tricky gifting disappears.

Angus Skirt Steak

Angus Skirt Steak

Reward the entire team for a job well done with one of our all time favorite cuts. Many call skirts steaks the tastiest piece of meat on a steer and our Aspen Ridge skirt steak lives up to the hype, delivering a mouthful of rich beef flavor. Your team will know, in no uncertain terms, you appreciate them.

Bone-in Filet

Bone-In Filet

This is not a common cut on a menu as it takes a lot of effort to make the exceptional steak known as bone-in filet. It is at once a decadent and delicate cut of beef that boasts robust flavors, it’s the perfect way to show your full appreciation.

Bundles of Joy

Gifts & Packs

We did a little brainstorming and came up with a selection of Rare Meat packs for gift giving (though you may want to get one for yourself too!). Take a look through our carefully curated selections, we’re pretty sure you’ll find the mix of fine meats that says exactly what you want to say.

Gift Certificate

Gift Cards

Some people love surprises, others would rather choose their own adventure. Let them have the pick of their favorite Rare cuts.