Old Meat, Not As Scary As You Think…

Old Meat, Not As Scary As You Think…

You heard it here first folks, aged meat is better. Don’t buy into the myth that ‘old’ meat is no good and should be thrown out. In fact, aged meat tastes f*ing amazing! At Rare Gourmet Meats we know a thing or two about aged meat. Here’s the rundown:

Aging meat is the process of letting meat rest for a period of time. Wet aging involves retaining the moisture in a vacuum-sealed bag, whereas dry aging should take place in a proper USDA-approved dry aging room where the meat is exposed to the air. As water collected in the muscle evaporates, the meat tightens up (we really dislike floppy meat) and as enzymes in the meat and fat break down it tenderizes the meat.

This takes time, and costs everyone more money but…can you put a price on quality?

Here at Rare, we dry age our steaks to improve texture and taste. A bold yet clean meaty flavor with a tender chew is what we are going for.

We typically start with a large “primal” piece of meat, like a whole bone-in ribeye or export rib that has first been wet aged for 2 weeks. Then we dry age it for 2-4 weeks depending on the cut of beef and how much fat is covering the muscle.

At Rare, we are going for the sweet spot. Aging to perfection is what most would call it. Meat has its own flavor to express and we like to coax out the ultimate expression of that flavor. That’s why we insist on buying from the best ranches, it all starts there, then we take over, then you.

Upon receiving your Rare Gourmet Meats package, we recommend opening the vacuum packed steaks and letting them “dry” in your fridge for a few hours to a few days. You’ll see the steaks bloom, meaning that they turn a dark crimson color when the air hits them. This is how aged meat should look, not bright red like the meat you can buy at your market or even a butcher. Letting the meat dry is just another way to improve flavor and quality. Letting the muscle breath, allows any excess moisture that has accumulated in the package to evaporate.

Treat your Rare dry-aged meats like a professional — give them the care they (and you) deserve.

Not scary at all…