Our Commitment To You

Our Commitment To You

Meat Quality:

We feature meats that come from ranchers who practice compassionate animal care and responsible land management, ranchers who have proven that healthy, well treated and well fed animals produce the finest tasting meats in the world.


We do our research – we have long standing relationships with many of our providers and we personally visit the ranches and processors whose meats we buy.

We tell you what we know and we provide you with links to do your own investigative work. Debbie works at the Rocker Bros Meat facility; ask her anything: [email protected]. We know well the folks we work with, trust is important to us.

Our primary supplier, Rocker Bros Meat & Provisions, has been practicing and perfecting their specialized meat industry practices for over 50 years. This level of service, experience and professionalism is typically reserved for chefs in fine restaurants. And yet here we are, bringing these fine meats, aged, cut and packed by one of the finest wholesale meat providers in the country, directly to you.

And we are hands on all the way. Debbie is at once providing meats to chefs in restaurants all over Los Angeles, and to you. The meats are one and the same. You eat the meats that you’ll see on menus in many of Los Angeles’ finest eating establishments.


Though Rocker Bros Meat, our primary meat supplier, has been in business for decades, we are young and growing in retail meat provision. We work extra hard for you though, selecting the best of our best meats and, while we don’t actually cut your steaks and chops ourselves, we are very involved in the process all the way from meat selection, to packing, to pick-up by one of our delivery services.

We really want to provide a service to you that matches up to the taste and quality of our meats.

Rare Gourmet Meats was founded on the premise that discerning meat eaters, authentic foodies, health conscious moms and dads and people who will simply settle for nothing less than the best want easy access to the finest meats in the world.

Debbie Rocker and Shelly Youree are making that happen through Rare Gourmet Meats.

Debbie’s family has been in the wholesale meat business for over 50 years and so with a lifetime of experience under her belt and unprecedented access to meat resources and industry practices, she and her business partner started Rare Gourmet Meats.

Debbie has been asked by friends for years to; “sell us the same meats you sell to your restaurants.” The difference in quality between meats sold in markets and those sold to fine restaurants by experienced meat purveyors like the Rocker family’s wholesale meat company (Rocker Bros Meat & Provisions) is easily recognizable to most. Often just one bite tells the story.

“Everyone we know wants to be able to cook with the same quality meats chefs cook with in their restaurants. And who doesn’t want to serve the tastiest, healthiest meats to their family and friends?”

So, says Debbie, we made it happen.

Rare Gourmet Meats:

Restaurant quality meats for your home and gifting, and Debbie provides custom meat consulting services for those who want even more out of their meat eating experience.


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