About Our Suppliers

About Our Suppliers

Aspen ridge natural beef

Aspen Ridge Logo

Aspen Ridge animals are raised on family ranches for 2/3 of their lives and then moved to feedlots – designed by Temple Grandin to be less stressful and more humane – where they are fed a proprietary diet of natural grains and hay. They are NEVER given antibiotics, hormones or any growth promotants. To ensure and maintain the Aspen Ridge Certified Humane designation, all animal handling practices are third-party validated by Humane Farm Animal Care, a national non-profit organization created to improve the lives of farm animals. Aspen Ridge cattle are 100% Angus and source verified back to their birth ranch in the US. When this breed is raised naturally, fed properly and cared for humanely, the results are consistently astounding.

Strauss free-raised beef


Strauss 100% grass fed cattle never go into a feedlot, they are fully pasture raised and never given growth promoting hormones or antibiotics. Strauss only partners with American family farmers and ranchers who are passionate about the grass they grow, the land they preserve, and the cattle they raise. Strauss family farmers carefully tend to their cattle and their land, producing authentic heritage-bred, free range, 100% grass finished beef.


  • Pasture-raising, and an all-grass diet develops strong immune systems, which eliminates the need for antibiotics
  • Never using growth hormones takes patience and care. It’s natures way.


  • Properly grazed pastures dramatically reduce fossil fuel usage and protect water quality by reducing topsoil erosion


  • 100% grass fed beef is low in saturated fat, cholesterol and total fat. Pasture raised, grass fed beef is a good source of naturally occurring Omega 3’s and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid).

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Chef Exclusive Logo

Top chefs serve Chef’s Exclusive beef to excite guests with extraordinary flavor and plate presentation. Decades of dedication and pride have resulted in one powerful fact: the Chef’s Exclusive program is the preferred choice of chefs … and chefs at heart. When only the best is acceptable, professionals trust a well-established G-schedule program and its 25 years of success.

Chef’s Exclusive cattle are the best available stock, raised in the heart of cattle country. This pristine location and thoughtful handling have delivered more than a quarter century of premium excellence. For Chef’s Exclusive, “premium” means USDA certified Upper Two-Thirds Choice and harvesting and processing under exact standards. It’s the ideal marbling, rich flavor, superb tenderness, and consistency that give you peace of mind. Most of all, premium is the ability to satisfy the most discerning consumers.

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Darling Downs Wagyu


Our Australian Wagyu comes from one of Australia’s oldest and most prestigious companies. Australian Agricultural Company (AAco), which was founded in 1824.
The cattle are born and raised in expansive and pristine outback stations in the Darling Downs region of Queensland. AAco’s Darling Wagyu herd contains the highest credential full-blood Japanese Black Wagyu sires and breeding females to ever leave Japan.

Darling Wagyu animals are given grain rations, which include wheat, barley and corn – no animal fat, meal, antibiotics or hormone growth promotants are ever used.

Australia’s award winning Darling Downs Wagyu Beef contains high levels of finely distributed marbling that make our ground Wagyu burger meat exceptional.

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Born and raised in the U.S. by family farmers, Strauss Group Raised Veal calves are never tethered or crated, never administered growth hormones and are finished in a group environment. This allows the freedom of movement and the ability to develop natural behaviors, dramatically reducing stress on the calves and improving their health and comfort. In December, 2008 Strauss became the first veal producer in the nation to raise 100% of its veal calves in a tether-free, group raised environment, a full nine years ahead of the industry deadline.

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Beeler's Pork

Raising pigs humanely is top priority for Beeler’s ranchers. Free of gestation crates, the pigs are allowed to move about and socialize indoors in large deep-bedded pens or go outside. Beeler’s ranchers raise 100% Duroc breed pigs for a finely flavored, juicy and tender pork eating experience. Beeler’s pigs eat a vegetarian diet containing no animal by products, antibiotics or growth promotants, EVER.

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superior farms – american lamb

American Lamb

Lamb is best when raised naturally, kindly and sustainably. Superior Farms has a long-standing commitment to the wellbeing and proper handling of the flock. Lambs are set to pasture across vast grasslands – sustained by the natural vegetation -as they have been for centuries. Ranchers rotate flocks so the fields easily replenish the natural nutrients in the soil that the lambs need to thrive. Superior Farms lambs may be finished on grains depending on where they are raised (weather) and their weight. They are not given hormones ever. Antibiotics are used only if an animal is sick and needs care, and they are removed from the flock for a certain period of time and returned when antibiotic residue has been eliminated. This level of care is evident in the fine taste and texture of Superior Lamb.

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AUSTRALIAN LAMB CO. – Australian Lamb

Australian Lamb

All lamb processed by Australian Lamb Company are raised Free Range throughout their life time. They are raised in a natural,clean environment.Antibiotics, Steroids, Hormones or Growth Promotants are never introduced in to their diet or other wise administered to this natural feeding system. They are GMO free and sourced only from specialized breeding programs. Clean water and unpolluted air enables these lambs to grow and fatten naturally.They are raised on natural grasses and given no additional feed supplements.

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Opal Valley – Australian Premium Lamb

Opal Valley

Opal Valley Australian Premium Lamb is the epitome of what Australian Lamb should be. Grown in large free-range pastures, completely free of growth promotants and additives. Australia has focused on raising sheep and lamb for over 200 years so Australian farmers have found specific breeds of sheep that thrive in Australia’s environment. These breeds are typically larger than those founds in New Zealand and Uruguay, offering up a meatier flavour and impressive plate presentation.

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Jidori chickens


Jidori chickens are free-range and humanely raised on sustainable small farms in California. They are fed a purely vegetarian diet of natural grains with no meat by-products, and they are never given hormones, antibiotics or steroids. Jidori chickens are processed by a small, family-owned and run operation in Los Angeles. Chickens arrive daily to this small USDA inspected facility where they are hand processed and quickly delivered to distributors (like Rocker Bros.) making it the freshest chicken there is. The benefits of this freshness can be tasted in the creamy yet firm texture and natural chicken flavor.

  • Locally Farmed
  • Free Range
  • Antibiotic Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegetarian Fed
  • Sustainably Raised

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Mary’s Ducks

Mary's Duck

Mary’s Free-Range Pekin Ducks are raised naturally in the beautiful weather of California. They live year round with access to the outdoors and are watched every day to make sure they are comfortable and happy. Mary’s makes every effort to treat its ducks as humanely as possible throughout the production process.

  • No Antibiotics Ever
  • Raised Without Added Hormones*
  • No Preservatives or Additives
  • Fed a Vegetarian Diet (65% Corn, 25% Soybean Meal, 5% Vitamins and Nutrients, 5% Wheat)

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Rocker Bros. Meat & Provision


Based in Los Angeles, Rocker Bros. Meat & Provision is Rare Gourmet Meats’ primary supplier. Rocker Bros. is a family operated business with a combined 100-years-plus of meat buying, processing and distributing experience. Simply put, Rocker Bros. Meat supplies, on a wholesale basis, the best meats in the world to the finest chefs in the world.

Debbie has always said that Rocker Bros’ expertise in the art of meat maintenance is what sets them apart and above. Her family has been buying, storing, aging, selecting, cutting and packing meats since 1965. All of these factors greatly impact meat quality and flavor. “Meat maintenance is an art, an age old tradition of practices that is as important to the end result (putting the best meat on your plate) as how the animals are raised”.

Debbie’s family history and professional meat business experience, working with Rocker Bros since she was just a young cowgirl, gives Rare Gourmet Meats exceptional and unprecedented access to proprietary meats, specialty industry practices and invaluable expertise.

Rare Gourmet Meats’ customers now have access to the same meats that are sold to world class chefs. Rare orders are cut and packed by Rocker Bros. the day of, or the day before shipping, then vacuum sealed for storage in the refrigerator or freezer.

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