Aspen Ridge Tenderloin Chateau


Aspen Ridge all natural choice tenderloin chateaus (aka filet mignon) are cut from the very center of tenderloin muscle. Chateaus are fully trimmed, free of fat coverage and considered a true delicacy by discerning meat lovers. We believe the Aspen chateau is the epitome of steak luxury. This steak has rich intramuscular fat (marbling) and unparalleled tenderness, it will delight everyone who eats it, of this we are sure. Do not overcook, please, we want you to have the finest Aspen chateau experience. We suggest cooking to rare or medium rare. And if you are so inclined, eat it raw; this makes the most delicious steak tartare we have ever eaten.

Aspen Ridge natural beef is never, ever given hormones or antibiotics

Source: Aspen Ridge (

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