Beeler’s Natural Bone-In Pork Roast (Frenched & Tied)


Consider this the prime rib of pork. And why not cook a Pork Prime Rib for a change? Roasting meat with a bone produces juicier and more flavorful meat than roasting boneless, but this can make carving a bit tricky. So, your choice, we can cut the bones off of your roast and tie them back on for the most flavorful cooking preparation, or you can remove the bones yourself.
Beeler’s pigs are, in their words, the perfect pig … a Danish Duroc, or “”red”” pig. Humanely raised and fed a vegetarian diets containing no animal by products, antibiotics, growth promotants or ractopamine (paylean), Beeler’s pork delivers a wholesome, tasty meal for your family and guests.

Note: Pork Roast shown in the image is unfrenched; your roast will be frenched (bones exposed, fat removed from bones).

Source: Beeler’s (


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