Ground Jidori Chicken


This is something we always keep in our freezers. Ground Jidori is such a great way to easily add a clean and delicious protein to any meal. We use it to make burgers, meatballs, chili, tacos and Thai and other Asian dishes. We pack the whole ground Jidori (really, we grind everything but the bones, that’s why it is so flavorful) in 1 pound packages so you can keep it handy in your freezer. This product may come frozen to you or, should it be fresh, please freeze as soon as you get it. It thaws quickly in the fridge. Known for its robust flavor, Jidori chickens are free range raised on small farms in California. You will immediately taste the Jidori difference, which is largely due to the chickens’ humane and natural lifestyle and the efficacy and immediacy of processing (by hand in small batches) by people who really care about what they are doing.

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