Jidori Airline Chicken Breast


Jidori Airline Chicken Breasts are boneless skin on breasts with the drumette portion of the wing intact and still attached to the breast. Keeping the wing attached to the breast adds flavor, variety of taste and style to this delightful eating experience; you get lots of white breast meat, a bit of dark meat and a beautiful plate presentation.

Jidori chickens are free range raised on small farms in California. Fine chefs insist on using Jidori chicken as it’s smooth, robust flavor is unmatched by any other chicken. This notable difference in taste is largely due to the chickens’ humane and natural lifestyle and the efficacy and immediacy of processing, which is done by hand in small batches by people who really care about what they are doing.

Source: Jidori (www.jidorichicken.com)


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