Rare Gourmet Meats Launches New Online Marketplace

Rare Gourmet Meats Launches New Online Marketplace

Rarely does a day go by that I don’t feel grateful.

Your continued support and kind feedback is partly why, and duly noted by Shelly and me. That’s why we’re launching a brand-new website, designed with you in mind. Please check it out: www.raregourmetmeats.com

I am in the business of selling the best meats in the world to professional chefs in some of LA’s best eating spots. Frankly, none of my friends understood why they couldn’t order the same meats and custom cuts for their homes short of asking the chef of their favorite restaurant (or me) for a favor.

So Shelly and I fixed that.

We created an online meat marketplace where our friends could buy truly fine cuts of meat from knowledgeable people. We set out to satisfy the needs and wants of people who are just like us: hungry, discerning and adventurous when it comes to our food.

Then we heard back from you. You want more information, total transparency, lots of pictures and a really easy time ordering.

So we fixed that too.

The new Rare website provides details about our meats and where they come from. We have an extensive a la carte menu as well as gift pack options. The new Rare site has great pictures that were taken by our dear friend LeAnn Mueller, who also happens to own the famous LA Barbecue in Austin Texas (coming soon to LA), and we have made it pretty darn easy to order and ship to yourself or someone else. Oh, and shipping is a lot cheaper now too!

And with all these improvements we still want you to know that we (Debbie & Shelly… actual people) are here for you. We are here for your special orders, questions and what not.


Always eat good meat,

Debbie and Shelly