The Grill Master’s Holiday Gift Guide

The Grill Master’s Holiday Gift Guide

We’ve all got that notorious grill master in our family or friend group, the master of meat who knows how to cook a steak just right. Your griller may be simple, and opt for only a spatula or tongs. Maybe you have a griller that likes to devise an elaborate grilling plan for their flame-filled masterpieces. When picking out a gift for these meat aficionados, each will tell you that they have their own plan of action. But have no fear, we’ve got you covered on all fronts. This holiday season, we’re making sure that your meat maestro has all the essentials and then some. Find everything they need in our Rare-approved gift guide:

  1.  Meat Thermometer– Cooking meat and poultry to that perfect state of “just right” is made easy with an internal thermometer. Judging whether or not your meat is done by the look and feel can be vague, whereas using a thermometer eliminates uncertainty. It the only reliable way to measure internal temperature and make sure it is spot on.
  2. Meat Carving Board– Before you get to grilling, a sturdy butcher block is a must. A durable carving board comes in handy when you need to rest and slice your meat. Use a block that will stand the test of time, and made for that extra juicy piece of meat.
  3. Chef’s Knife– Ask the best chefs and they will tell you this, you really only need one knife in your kitchen – a good chef’s knife. We are in love with Miyabi knives, which are balanced, sharp and handsome. Shelly uses the Miyabi 5000DP, a well balanced, cryodur high carbon knife.
  4. BBQ Tool Set– Whether you are a novice or expert griller, you most definitely need trusty tools to assist as you get your grill on.  Cook up your premium meat with a long lasting set of grilling tools to achieve your perfect grill.
  5. Rare Gourmet Meat Gifts & PacksTreat your grill master to the meat they deserve. Why buy grocery store meat when you know it not up to par in terms of standard and taste. At Rare Gourmet Meats, we take store bought meat and blow it out of the water. Our meats are the same meats served by fine dining chefs in the best restaurants; they are maintained, processed, stored, aged, and cut by the professional meat purveyor to these restaurants. Why would you want to give your grilling guru anything less than the best?

Our Top 5 Grill Pack is equipped with a variety of meats, ideal for any and all meat lovers: eight 1-Bone Domestic Lamb Rack Chops, two 10 oz. Aspen Ridge Prime Boneless New York Strip Steaks, two 8 oz. Aspen Ridge Skirt Steaks, eight Jidori Airline Chicken Breasts, and
two 1 lb. packs of ground Wagyu.

Give the Gift of Steaks to your family and friends, with our gift pack including an assortment of high quality meats: one 36 oz. Prime Aspen Ridge all-natural Dry-Aged Porterhouse, one 35 oz. Prime Aspen Ridge all-natural Dry-Aged Bone-In Ribeye, and one 8 oz. Choice Aspen Ridge all-Natural Fully Cleaned Filet Chateaus.

Don’t know what meats your grill master would enjoy most or trouble with timing in shipping meats around the holidays, choose a Rare gift card.