Why Buy Rare

Why Buy Rare

We make your meat dreams come true.

Rare Gourmet Meats was founded on the premise that discerning meat eaters, health conscious moms and dads and people who simply settle for nothing less than the best want access to the finest meats available. Rare Gourmet Meats, started by Debbie Rocker and Shelly Youree, is making makes it possible for you to have chef’s choice, honest to goodness restaurant quality, 100% natural meats delivered to your door.

Debbie’s family has been in the wholesale meat business for over 50 years; so with a lifetime of experience under her belt and unprecedented access to professional meat resources and industry practices, she (Debbie Rocker) and her business partner (Shelly Youree) started Rare Gourmet Meats.

The difference in quality between meats sold in markets and those sold to quality restaurants is easily recognizable; just one bite and you know.

Debbie has been asked repeatedly by friends: “Will you please sell us the meats you sell to your chefs?”

The answer is yes! Debbie and Shelly absolutely agree, “Our friends should be able to buy the fine best meats.” Debbie sells to great chefs.” 

Meats previously only sold to chefs in fine restaurants, are available to Rare’s meat loving clientele.

Warning, this could ruin your ability to eat anything other than Rare.

But really, why should I buy Rare meats?

Dedication, care and attention to detail. Quality of life for the animals that provide for us (and for all animals for that matter) is a priority. We respect our planet’s natural resources, and act accordingly. We are thoughtful about what we put in our bodies and we love meat.  

We also know that if we do not sell you with the best tasting piece of meat you have ever eaten, we will not stay in business …and so it should be.

Our meats come from quality ranches. The ranchers we work with go beyond compulsory requirements and subscribe to the highest standards in genetics, living environment, feed and physical treatment. We feature meats that are humanely raised and never, ever given hormones or antibiotics.

Raising animals in a more natural and humane manner is not just the right thing to do, it is good business as well. Well-raised animals provide us with meats that are not only better for our health but better tasting as well. At the end of the day, doing the right thing, is always the right thing to do.


More About Our Suppliers


Meat Maintenance

Buying good meat is only one step in the process of selling extraordinary meats. Meat maintenance is step two. This is the process of storing, aging (temperature, humidity and exposure to air, are all factors in properly wet and dry aging meats), selecting, cutting and packing meats. All of the many factors in the process of meat maintenance directly and powerfully impact the quality and flavor of your meats. Meat maintenance is an art, an age old tradition of practices that is as important to the end product (putting the best tasting meat on your plate) as how the animals are raised.

Rare Gourmet Meats are procured and maintained by a well known and long established wholesale meat purveyor, Rocker Bros Meat & Provisions, which happens to be Debbie’s family’s meat company. Rocker Bros. Meat Company has been practicing the art of meat maintenance and selling their fine meats the worlds best restaurants since 1965.

Rare Gourmet Meats’ customers are buying the same meats that Rocker Bros. sells (wholesale) to some of the finest (and pickiest) chefs in the world.

Rare orders are cut and packed the day of, or the day before shipping, then vacuum sealed for proper storage in your refrigerator or freezer.


Meat Quality:

We feature meats that come from ranchers who practice compassionate animal care and responsible land management, ranchers who have proven that healthy, well treated and well fed animals produce the finest tasting meats in the world.


We know well the folks we work with. We do our research and have long standing relationships with many of our providers. We personally visit the ranches and processors whose meats we buy. We tell you what we know and provide you with links to more information about our suppliers so if you care to, you can do your own investigative work.

Also, Debbie works for Rocker Bros Meat & Provisions, selling the same meats we sell to you, to her chefs. She is physically at the Rocker Bros. Meat facility several days a week; ask her anything – [email protected]

Our primary supplier, Rocker Bros Meat & Provisions, has over 50 years experience in the meat industry. This high level of buying, aging, cutting and delivering meats has, for the most part, been reserved for professional chefs. Now it is available to you, through us, at RARE GOURMET MEATS. We hope to make you as meat savvy and meat happy at home as we have made all of our friends.


We are committed to providing you with the best meat eating experience ever. Please don’t be shy, we greatly appreciate your feedback.


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